MEKKA FROGGO is a collection of 1,111 NFTs that features the world's first gamified staking wars system where holders can fight for a share of $MEKKACOIN.


1,111 Froggos swimming in the #SOLANA pond.
Mekka Froggo features the first gamified staking wars:
The Slumbers and the Prophets battle for $MEKKACOIN.
Augment your Froggos with $MEKKACOIN to alter its appearance and increase its earnings.
The studio behind the project, Mekka Lab, is building NFT tools that allow web3 developers to focus on moving the industry forward, instead of having to reinvent the wheel all the time.

The History of the Frog War

Long ago, a ship of Froggos was flying near Mars when disaster struck. With no other options available, Commander K called for an emergency crash landing.
Stranded and alone, the Froggos were forced to rebuild their civilization on Mars. In an attempt to research ways to survive on this planet, Paperclip Labs was founded.
They soon discovered Element 115, a substance that the Froggos had never seen before. K experimented with Element 115 on his own body, and he succeeded in extending his lifespan. However, the side effect of Element 115 was that it took a toll on the mind. Only K maintained his sanity while the other experimental subjects slowly lost their ability to exercise free will. Using Element 115, K created an army, which he named the Slumbers. To stop anyone from opposing him, K ordered the Slumbers to destroy Paperclip Labs.
Lead researcher Dr. Jun, sickened by the evil deeds of K, gathered the surviving scientists and formed a resistance group called the Prophets. Settling under the surface of the toxic planes of XCR-721, Jun and his team began researching ways to fight back. To bring the truth to light. So it is, the Prophets are fighting to restore Paperclip Labs and to free the Slumbers from the evils of Commander K.
This is the story of Mekka Froggo, and the never-ending battle to control Mars.
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