Phase 1. The first phase is to bring together a team of lead developers, designers and staff members. 100 Prime and 1400 OG members have been invited to the ASTRALS private discord, and we are well on our way to filling our whitelist roster. The art for all 10,000 ASTRALS will be finalized and we will launch the website.

Phase 2. In this phase, we will begin to unveil the project vision, plan, team, partnerships, and value proposition. The characters of the ASTRALS universe will be introduced, founders will host AMAs on twitter spaces, we will showcase our staking and DAO platforms developed by MEKKA LAB, and our whitepaper will be publicly released.

Phase 3. 10,000 Astrals NFTs will be minted on March 9th, 2022 and discord will be opened to the public. ASTRALS will be listed on Magic Eden, which is your official marketplace for ASTRALS NFTs. We will set up a gated community in our open discord. We are planning a secret event as well that will be available for holders to attend.

Phase 4. Utility will be launched at this time. 300 million $GLXY will be minted, and token distribution will begin. We will work towards full metaverse integration as well as the building of a custom 3D-viewer on our website to showcase our ASTRALS. The Founders will bring several exciting and innovative projects to the DAO for consideration of investment. The play-to-earn mini game will be proposed and voted on before we move into pre-production. A metaverse conference in Q2 will be organized for the DAO. Council members will be elected 1 month into launch.

Phase 5. The play-to-earn mini game will be launched in Q3/Q4 and will be the initial in-game utility for our NFT assets. We will then propose a large-scale operation for the development of a metaverse triple A game that utilizes the ASTRALS IP (art, lore, brand) in return for an allocation of revenue from the sales of the game. Asset sales will be done in stages over the course of the game’s development in order to fund production.

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